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In our over 20 years in business, we've grown from two offices to twelve offices. Having growth opportunities for our talent has driven our expansion and success in working together as OneWB! 

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sharing our work across our offices

While we have physical office spaces in the 12 cities listed above, we frequently work across offices to support each other and share resources. By supporting each other in this way, we can do even more of the work we love to do.


we operate as oneWB because we know that we are better together. That means that in our twelve offices around the country and among the 200 talented people on our team, we are all committed to our vision - we transform building infrastructure and environments to transform business.


We are a team of experts that work together to share information and support each other (after all, as an ESOP, we're all owners so when one of us is succeeding, we are all succeeding). As a part of being OneWB, our team has created standards to help make processes more efficient and we've invested in technology to create even better communication across our offices. 

we are better together. We use a hybrid model to offer flexibility and prioritize being in the office when it matters. We know we are better together and that there are proven benefits of being in-person and connecting. But we also believe in the thoughtful use of time. A hybrid provided the best of both.



improving the way things are done

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