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at the core of how we work is communication. We communicate with clients, and we communicate with each other. Through good communication we are able to come together as OneWB. We're able to support each other and share work and information. We can ask good questions to help us make good decisions for our clients.

We can be transparent about who we work for and what we do, so we pursue these trusted advisor relationships and profitable growth.

The outcome when we work in this way - with good communication - is building our brand, revenue, and expertise internally. Externally, it helps us become trusted advisors to our clients because we learn how to explain technical language in ways that are easy to understand.


We are proud that our team comes from diverse backgrounds and has diverse experiences. We all have different strengths, and together we deliver an unwavering standard of quality to our clients.

it’s this kind of work philosophy that helps us become the company of
choice for our clients!



Some of the biggest challenges in the world right now need engineering solutions. Spaces to develop and research life-saving vaccines, innovating ways to sustainably store energy and ways to make data more accessible are just a few.


As engineers and consultants, we address these issues. We know that finding solutions to these challenges has a purpose and we're doing our part to leave the world better than we found it. Here is how we are mindful to the impact we create.

"There is an absolute connection from the work we are doing to impact the world. What we do matters."
- Michael Quigley, COO
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We believe that profitable growth

is driven by being a trusted advisor

to our clients and creating a

great place to work

for our team.

Teambuilding activities are important in building the culture here. We've organized many teambuilding events across our offices (and have had unofficial ones too!). That means a lot of fun memories for the team. Here are some of the things we've done together.


improving the way things are done

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